What does ‘tie dye’ mean and why is this print a trend?
T-shirts, dresses, footwear … The streets are dyed, never better said, tie-dye this season. Do you know this trend?
The Spanish translation of tie-dye is tie-dye, due to the technique used to dye these garments. It is a pattern with spiral or circular shapes, usually in different colors. There are no rules regarding these colors, they can be pastel, black, fluorine …

What garments is it used on? When it began to be worn, most of it was used in T-shirts and tie dye dresses, but today, we can even see it in sneakers or bags. We tell you the story of one of the most famous prints in the history of fashion

The history of ‘tie-dye’ and why it is so necessary today
was born in the 1960s with the hippie tide that flooded the United States, peacefully revealing itself to the conservative right and President Nixon, who was in the White House at the time. The tie dye print was used as a cry for freedom that they did not have.

Why is it the right time for the return of tie-dye? In the midst of the Trump era and the triumph of the right in America and part of Europe, women, the LGTBI collective and immigrants have much to claim and, therefore, the catwalks and stores have once again been filled with this pattern so iconic.

A hippie market from the 60s-70s appears with a stall full of tie-dye t-shirts, the fashion trend of the moment and this season.
Tie-dye clothing stall at a 1970s hippie market, @spacebananas_tiedye
The current ‘tie dye’
That he has returned does not mean that he is carried in the same way as before. The hippie community wore it with baggy outfits, sandals, sunglasses … Now it has been updated and we can wear it on many occasions.

For example, the urban style combines very well with tie-dye, a T-shirt or a sweatshirt with jeans in the shape of a mom or skinny make a great tie-dye outfit. Add some white sneakers, skate or ugly shoes.

The influencer Claire Guentz poses happily eating potatoes, wearing jeans and a tie-dye sweatshirt in various colors, completing a trendy outfit for the 2020 season.
Brands and the ‘tie-dye’
In the last shows of the most important fashion brands, such as Dior or Maison Margiela, they have opted for tie-dye as one of the essential trends of the season. They have risked putting this pattern on tulle dresses, accessories, skirts, blouses … All kinds of garments.

The color mixtures allow us to wear the tie-dye throughout the year. At first, the pattern had strong, bright or fluorine colors, instead, now they also use ocher, earth tones and others characteristic of autumn and winter.

On the Dior catwalk, a model wears a tie-dye tulle dress in muted colors, black and green, perfect for autumn and winter, a 2020 fashion trend that confirms the great brand in her show.
The new ‘must’ of celebrities
Influencers and celebrities are the ones who inspire us how to wear one trend or another, in fact, on many occasions, they create them. In this case, many celebrities are friends with tie-dye, either for street style or for a more formal event that they have to attend.

Gigi Hadid, Irina Shayk, Taylor Swift … there are many who have joined this trend that has filled our streets with colors. Whether it’s a tie-dye dress, a T-shirt or a jacket, celebrities wear it all.

Singer Taylor Swift in one of her concerts, wearing a tie-dye outfit consisting of shorts, a fringed jacket and sneakers. Thus vindicating the LGTBI fight and leading one of the 2020 trends.
Taylor Swift performing at the concert of the “Wango Tango” event in the United States during LGTBI Pride week, @taylorswift
How to ‘tie-dye’
Finally, we are going to tell you how to dye your tie-dye clothes. Do not think that it is very complicated, on the contrary, it is easy and affordable. Instead of buying clothes to buy, you can take advantage of your home clothes and customize them to have them up to date.

Take t-shirts that you have at home that are plain or that have a little drawing, but without prints. Stretch it out, put a finger in the center and rotate the shirt, leaving it in a spiral shape. Then, tie it with some rubber or resistant thread to leave it in sections, with fabric dyes, color to your liking. Let it dry and you are sure to get the result you want.

Tie dye t-shirts appear in the dyeing process, curled up and filled with colored inks, this is the way to make tie-dye clothes.
Tie-dye has definitely come to stay. This hippie trend of the 60s and 70s has been renewed and adapted to our times so well that it will be difficult for us to get it out of our closet, And you, do you sign up?

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